Tri-County Airport serves a variety of general aviation activities, including recreational activity and flight training. With its single 5,400-foot runway, the airport accommodates multi-engine general aviation aircraft. The airport’s terminal is ideal for serving local users as well as though visiting the area.

Both Avgas (100 LL) and Jet-A fuel are available at the airport. Aviation services provided on the airport include engine and airframe maintenance and repair. A self-service pump is available for after hours fueling of aircraft.


Camelot Aviation, which provides flight instruction to local and transient users, is located at Tri-County Airport. Flight training is the largest component of general aviation activity at the airport. Local businesses that use the airport include rental car companies and flight instructors. Visiting businesses also comprise a high percentage of the annual operations.

The Baptist College of Florida has a Mission Aviation Center located on a four (4) acre site at the Tri-County Airport where it provides flight training as part of its Missions Aviation program. Training is provided by well-qualified, experienced instructors to meet the applicable Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines and provide the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSAs) which various mission organizations require from their pilots.

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